Frequently Asked Questions

Is a projector lamp the same as a projector bulb?

A projector bulb is simply the light bulb itself, whereas the lamp is the bulb plus the housing. Blaze do not sell bare bulbs to the consumer market, just whole lamps.

What are the different types of lamp?

There are three main types of projector lamp: Original, Original Inside and Compatible. Original lamps are ones that are manufactured and branded entirely by the projector manufacturer. Original inside lamps contain an original lamp but the housing is made by a third party. Compatible lamps are manufactured entirely (bulb and housing) by a third party, which allows for innovation and cost savings.

How long are projector lamps guaranteed for?

Original lamps that come supplied with the projector are normally warrantied for 1 year. Most replacement lamps come with a much shorter guarantee period, typically 1 to 3 months. Blaze lamps lead the industry by guaranteeing all of the lamps in all of their ranges for a minimum of 6 months.

Are projector lamps hard to change?

Most projector lamps are fairly simple to replace. The manual that came with your projector should include instructions on how to replace the housing, and this normally only takes a few minutes with a small phillips screwdriver. However, it is very important to take care when handling the lamp not to touch the bulb itself as this can lead to premature lamp aging and burnout. Please contact our support if you encounter any issues replacing your unit.


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